What kinds of services do we offer?

We offer well equipped and powerful buses.

Hópferðabílar Jónatans service all types of groups, such as sports clubs, company trips, surprise trips, senior citizens and businesses that plan trips and tours around our unique country. To the right you can view a few examples of trips we have worked on and decide if what we offer might fit your needs.

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  • School trips
  • Countryside trips
  • Shore trips
  • Ski trips
  • Historical locations
  • Sports clubs
  • Employee trips
  • Surprise trips
  • Senior citizens
  • Tourists

One of the country's oldest bus companies

The company has been in business since 1954, which makes it one of the oldest bus service companies in the country. Our services have always been based on powerful and comfortable buses that are suitable for both short and long trips. Through the years we have transported passengers all over the country as well as travelling with Icelanders to foreign countries.

The company

An established family business

The first bus was a 1954 Setra and always did what was expected of it. Soon Jónatan purchased a delivery truck which he converted into a bus. It was a Hensel and was mostly used as a school bus.

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Jónatan Þórisson

Founder & Owner

Kristján Kristjánsson